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Alexander on FaceBook

I recently saw Alexander on FaceBook.   I did some checking to confirm it was really him - and its all good - Alec is officially on FaceBook.   Look him up and friend him.   I believe he is still difficult to connect up and may be long delays between his posts - but there you have it.

Alitor - Knight Protector
Hey all

We had an idea of visiting the Vegas Ren Faire this year - but as always, things came up and we decided to skip it.  Alec and Uffington Horse played and I was wondering if anyone was able to see them and give us an update on the show - pics you be great.


Help the Heatherlands

First - note that there is another user  of the name  - alitor -

I have tried to get the logon info for this user and none of my current e-mail accounts have given me the information.  Thus I publicly deny the alitor logon.

I am Paul - protector of the Heatherlands - Knighted by Heather Alaxander at the WRFF and friend to Alexander
That being said I want to ask a favor of all that know of Alaxander and his attendance of the Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire

We have an active petition and ask all that may know of the event and/or support this event to logon and sign the petition.  We need your support to try to make sure that 2009 will happen and the family you know will be able to entertain you as we have for the past 11 years.

As you have been to our faire before and know now that it was canceled this year, I ask if you would please sign a petition to support this event. 

 It was canceled because the owner missed a permit or 2.  I may have been his fault, it may have been designed….but what we ask is if you would show your support for our entertainment event

 Please review the following and if you feel compelled, sign the linked petition.

 Dear Friends:    http://www.gopetition.com/online/21087.html

 As many of you already know, we are starting the process of rezoning the faire site so next year there will be none of this interference by outside agencies.

Part of the process is public impute. We have sent out paper petitions to business's in
Mason County and have acquired over 200 local signatures. Those of course carry the most weight, but the belief this year by Tim Sheldon was that we have no support.

I would really like to make it clear to everyone on the planning and zoning committee that we do have a great deal of support and even from other areas of the country which in turn mean money coming into the community.

Please go to the link above and sign our online petition. Your support is appreciated. Also we hope you will join us for other events and help us get faire back on line for 2009.

Your support is greatly appreciated.




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